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We aim to provide you with the best care possible in a completely relaxing and comfortable environment


Meet Eddie

I have a Bachelor degree in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, China and have ATCM Membership (The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK).


I come from a family background of Chinese medicine and obtained clinical practice experience in a Shanghai hospital, after which I worked as a doctor in hospitals for 17 years in China.

Using knowledge acquired in over 30 years of practise I have developed My Approach which I proudly use to offer bespoke medicinal herbal remedy solutions, private consultation and luxury treatments.

ATCM UK Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (FM0200019)

Eddie Fang




Testimonials . . .

"I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my right leg. The neurologist told me I needed an operation to try and correct this and there was only a 50% chance of the operation being successful. My friend, who is a client of Dr Fangs, advised me to have a course of treatments. After only 12 sessions I no longer feel pain in my right leg. With a mixture of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments he's healed me. It's unbelievable how affective his treatments have been. I cannot thank you enough Eddie."

Previous customer

My Approach


With over 30 years of medical practice experience I know that my bespoke "person focused" approach to healthcare can achieve far greater results than a traditional "condition focused" method. Regardless of the problem or condition that you have, the therapies that I provide directly tackle the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. My approach means that you will receive a unique treatment tailored especially for your needs, and this is the key to success.

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I accept nearly all major insurance plans. *

* Most of the major insurance policies in the United Kingdom cover acupuncture treatments.  A receipt will be issued after each session which you can send to your insurance company for your claim. 

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