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"I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my right leg. The neurologist told me I needed an operation to try and correct this and there was only a 50% chance of the operation being successful. My friend, who is a client of Dr Fangs, advised me to have a course of treatments. After only 12 sessions I no longer feel pain in my right leg. With a mixture of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments he's healed me. It's unbelievable how effective his treatments have been. I cannot thank you enough Eddie. You're such a confident practitioner."


"I am nearly 40 years of age and have been trying to get pregnant for 15 years without success. I started having regular acupuncture and massage treatments last year. I've finally managed to get pregnant and am very close to my due date. It's remarkable. I was sceptical about acupuncture, but having tried everything else to get pregnant I was persuaded by my sister, who is also a regular client of Dr Fang to give it a go. Thank you so much Eddie."

"I have been an asthma sufferer for nearly 60 years. After only 10 sessions with Dr Fang my inhaler use has dramatically reduced and my breathing is far less laboured. He chose acupuncture as the best form of treatment for me. Such a positive change to my life. Thank you Eddie. You've changed my life."

"I am in my fifties and had been suffering with extreme pain in my right knee. My doctor examined me and I was assessed following that in hospital. I was put on the waiting list for a knee replacement. In the meantime I was suffering from extreme pain and was given strong painkillers and had injections in my knee. This just masked the underlying issue. I chose to try acupuncture and massage and after only 6 sessions the pain dramatically reduced. I continued my treatments and can now live virtually pain free and do the things that I couldn't do before. It's incredible. Thank you."


"I suffered from high blood pressure for years. Associated symptoms were dizziness and nausea. My friend suggested acupuncture as a possible treatment. I was not too sure about it at first, but was sick of suffering so I thought why not try it? I have not had many sessions so far but have reduced symptoms and my blood pressure is lower now. Eddie advised me to have one session a week and he is confident that my blood pressure will normalise with regular treatments. Due to the fact that I've seen an improvement within a couple of months I'm going to carry on. I'm surprised, but very grateful. Thanks a million Eddie."

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