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Hot Stone

Deep relief for body and mind

Hot stone massage treatment melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation, creating deep relief while also focusing on your body’s energy flow with Chakra healing.

The heat from the stones warms up the body and relaxes the muscles in preparation for massage so our therapists can work more efficiently and deeply. This massage type is beneficial on both psychological and physical levels. Hot Stone Massage is an ancient healing art which combines the harmonizing and cleansing effect of massage therapy with the meditative tranquillity and energetic properties of basalt stones. In addition to releasing muscle tension and pain this treatment also removes blocked chakra points. Hot stone massage helps to balance and clear blocked energy centres which will result in improved health, clarity and inner peace.


Hot stone massage at Allrounder Acupuncture

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy that works by positioning warm basalt stones on the patient’s body to maximize the massage benefits. These stones are heated to a specific temperature in a sanitizing water bath and contain a high level of iron, which helps the stone retain heat during the session. Once we have placed all of the stones on your body, we take a palm-sized stone with a small amount of oil and begin to massage over your body, from head to foot, working out any muscle knots in between.

Benefits of hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a very beneficial treatment for many individuals and can help you experience the following benefits:

•    Improved Circulation
•    Mental Clarity
•    Muscle Relaxation
•    Decreased chronic stress and tension
•    Enhanced flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement
•    Decrease of pain and muscle spasms
•    Relief of pain and tension created by strained or contracted muscles
•    Relief from pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic conditions

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Testimonials . . .

"I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my right leg. The neurologist told me I needed an operation to try and correct this and there was only a 50% chance of the operation being successful. My friend, who is a client of Dr Fangs, advised me to have a course of treatments. After only 12 sessions I no longer feel pain in my right leg. With a mixture of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments he's healed me. It's unbelievable how affective his treatments have been. I cannot thank you enough Eddie. You're such a confident practitioner."

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