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About Allrounder Acupuncture

We aim to provide you with the best care possible in a completely relaxing and comfortable environment whilst maintaining your privacy at all times.

We offer bespoke medicinal herbal remedy solutions for our clients, private consultation and luxury treatments.

We are insured by most of the insurance companies.

We are proud of our competitive complementary healthcare. Just a phone call away to get a professional advice before or after your visiting your doctor.


Why are you called Allrounder Acupuncture?

We offer multiple therapies to all age groups, addressing full body problems.

Using his unique approach Eddie can find blockages simply by the art of touch.


Meet Eddie

"I have a Bachelor degree in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, China, and have ATCM Membership (The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK).


I come from a family background of Chinese medicine and obtained clinical practice experience in a Shanghai hospital after which I worked as a doctor in hospitals for 17 years in China.


I moved to the United Kingdom in 2006 and continued my profession in different cities such as London, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Belfast and even Dublin."

Eddie Fang

About Eddie

Eddie is often called a real master by his clients. He is an excellent listener making him able to quickly find out about your concerns and needs.

Career info:

- Family background of Chinese medicine

- Bachelor degree in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, China

- Membership of ATCM (The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK)

- ATCM UK Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (FM0200019)

- Over 30 years medical practice includes 18 years worked as a doctor in China and 16 years worked as a Acupuncture practitioner in UK (London, Birmingham,Manchester, Leister, Northampton, Edinburgh,Cardiff, Belfast and Ireland(Dublin )

- Whose clinical experience is multidisciplinary, like Musculoskeletal Disorders, Neurology, Dermatology, E.N.T problems, Gynecology, internal medicine etc


Testimonials . . .

"I am nearly 40 years of age and have been trying to get pregnant for 15 years without success. I started having regular acupuncture, and massage treatments last year. I've finally managed to get pregnant and am very close to my due date. It's remarkable. I was sceptical about acupuncture, but having tried everything else to get pregnant I was persuaded by my sister, who is also a regular client of Dr Fang to give it a go. Thank you so much Eddie."

Previous customer

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